Whenever you make a decision in this life, a vacuum is always left behind accompanied by the feeling of having lost the other options that were not chosen.  

Upon meditating on the issue these dualities and anguish tend to ease and fade away; it is then that I allow these conscious status to influence my artistic output.  Meditation leads me into immobility, toward my crux; every time I reach this quiet stage, I am able to comprehend that which is ephemeral and fleeting in this world.  

As the old masters used to state, "the only true certainty is change". It is through this world and this life full of changes that my work pours out. It is through my connection with nature, my holistic healings and reflection that my work has experienced and absorbed these processes with no intentional willingness to create a specific structure or technique.  Every time I have a diamond in the rough in my hands, my creativeness finds a blank page in which I have the possibility of letting my art flow with as little control as I can muster; I simply provide a flowing guide.  

The technique isn't all that important to me and can vary depending on the mood imposed by my human condition; it is reflected in my musing.  Preferences fade away and become weak and there is no more need for identifying a given style or to sticking to any particular shape or color.

Passion can take over as can indifference; and it is the immutable calm that which will convey a reflection of the energy comprised in "indifferent passion".