Contemporary artist who uses artistic media as a gateway to investigate from which space we relate to ourselves. He began his forays into art at an early age. He studied at the University of Chile. Then, he travelled to Paris, Madrid and the United States to continue his studies from a traditional artistic perspective. In between, he made a trip to the Amazon jungle where he connected with the magical-religious figure of the shaman, which produced a transformation in his view of the world that even opened a door for the study of various eastern disciplines. He abandoned painting for some time to dedicate himself to work the land, keeping distance from art, which could be conceived as a mere mental and cultural space. After five years he resumed painting from an internal, organic space, which allowed him to externalize his internal investigations, abandoning the traditional concept of "artistic work". There is no more style, there is no order, there are no classifications or pretensions, but simply a spontaneous outbreak of what consciousness allowed to come to light.

After many years of a prolific production of work, this led him to find a more contemplative space, where the search for truth was turned into a life artistic project. Currently, he resides in Uruguay, where he has dedicated to sharing his vision of art as a process of inner exploration.

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About His Work

Words are superfluous when it comes to explaining an artistic work. But it is worth mentioning that this artistic process started from the beginning towards the delivery of something unknowable. Confused by the congested clouds of ignorance, an internal silence occasionally dissipated them to allow grace express itself artistically once again. This work is simply the result of an internal process, an encounter with the Being and the essential space from where everything emerges and where everything returns. That is why the figure of the Mandala is sometimes present in the work in a pictorial way and also in an underlying way, as a symbol of the Supreme. From this space all the rest of the work, paintings, inks, photography, collage and mixed media arose simultaneously. Therefore, the work has no linearity, does not have a particular style, and does not seek to have a refined technique. What drives the work is a spontaneity or naturalness that emerge according to the internal needs of the moment.

Behind this work there is no message, but simply the residue or footprint of the activities that arose at certain moments, such as contemplation, healing, Reiki or internal investigations, unexpectedly expressed on the artistic surface. The essential thing of this artistic activity is to open the possibility to deepen in the connection with the heart, the internal Being. Therefore, there are works that have a contemplative character and others appear as chaotic, congested or intense, exposing determined mental states with the aim to observe them, to transcend them and have a clearer view of reality.

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